At Native Dog Wellness, training is about creating a language that works between you and your dog so that you can live the kind of life that is fulfilling to you both!  Instead of the dominant/submissive model which was once most prevalent among dog trainers, we think of the dog as a member of your family.  In this philosophy, you are the parent and are there to teach new things, encourage good behavior, set firm boundaries, and be the safe place for your pet.  We train using mark/reward training, also known as positive reinforcement training.  In this method of training, your dog will learn what she is doing right and learn to succeed in working together with you. You will learn how to cue your dog, mark the correct behavior, and reward your dog. Your dog will learn how to think and act in a purposeful way, gaining self-control and confidence, helping him to partner with you and others for fun and safe times.

Historically, training has been based on the negative - you let your dog know when they do something wrong and you punish them for it.  Positive reinforcement training accentuates the positive - you let your dog know when she is doing things right and rewards her for it, using a system that motivates her to do more and more of the right behavior.  It also takes into account that your dog may be too wound up to stop their behavior, and so understands how to read your dog well and learn different ways to help in various situations. Another way to think of this is to imagine your dog as a guest in this world (he is, humans run it) and he needs to be taught the rules.  Mark/reward training offers a way to teach your dog human rules without threat and punishment, instead making it fun, rewarding, and motivating.  This builds trust between the dog and handler, and allows for ease, fun and harmony to be a part of the teaching process.  For every person enrolling in dog training, you’ll be part of the process too.  You’ll learn how to read your dog’s body language, how to assess and meet their basic needs for wellness, and how to communicate with them consistently and accurately.

As a CPDT-KA trainer, Amy Campbell ascribes to force-free handling, positive reinforcement training, and learning theory-based training.  The CCPDT offers a standardized way of assessing proficiency and exactitude for animal training and behavior in a humane way, and training in a humane way is of great importance to us at Native Dog Wellness. If we use force and fear to teach our dogs, we risk erupting the emotional core of the animal, as well as ruining the bond between dog and owner. Thinking dogs that are emotionally healthy and sound
are able to be the best pets. 

How to get started

Native Dog Wellness offers a free phone call to talk about what is the best training package for your dog and to set up an initial consult.
Email or visit our Contact Us page to leave your information.

Service areas & hours

Training sessions are at your home or at local parks/fields. If extensive travel is needed, an extra $10 will be added.
Hours - anytime


Private Training - 1 1/2 initial consult, - $125, followed
by 1 hour sessions - $100/session (package of 5 - $475, package of 10 - $900)*

  • Programs - Starter puppy, basic manners, advanced manners, or
    solving a behavior issue
  • Initial consult to talk about dog’s behavior, training methodology,
    family needs 
  • Goals set & progress tracked
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions teaching the owner how to train
  • Homework for the week
  • Full availability throughout the process with the trainer 
“ We were drawn to Amy’s approach because of its emphasis on building a positive relationship with your dog, rather than the authoritarian fear-based approaches we hear about on TV."
—Beth & Jim

Day Training - 40-60 min sessions - 
$60/session (package of 5 - $275, package of 10 - $500)*

  • Training happens while you work
  • Transfer sessions to parents bi-weekly
  • Training documented and shared weekly
  • Runs 3-4 weeks
  • Full availability throughout the process with the trainer

Board & Train - $100/day or 5 day
$475 or 7 day $675

  • Dog stays with trainer & learns new habits/skills
  • Best for basic & advanced manner students
  • Price includes 3 transfer sessions for parents - one/week for the two weeks following + one a month after last session
  • Full availability throughout the process with the trainer

Recall Training - 1 hour sessions - $100/session*

  • Safe times/places to have your dog off-leash
  • How to start a recall and build on it slowly to get reliability
  • Fun recall games to play with your dog
  • How to ruin a good recall
  • The top distractions for dogs off leash and when you
    can beat them or not
  • 2-4 sessions recommended

Proper Play/Dog Park Etiquette -
1 hour sessions - $100/session*

  • Learn good dog play and how to recognize it
  • Learn body language for your dog and others park-goers/possible
  • Learn your dog’s signals - when do they need a break?
  • Practice reading other dog’s signals at the park so you can keep your
    dog safe
  • Learn how to get a reliable recall at the dog park
  • 1-3 sessions recommended, depending on your dog
“Amy helped train Charlie to be better off-leash, and now we hike all the time!"

Group Classes

Amy currently teaches at New England Dog Training Club in Cambridge. Contact Us or them for more information on these classes.

* Clients outside of the Cambridge/Somerville area add $10-$20, depending on distance to appointments.
* Both recall and proper play sessions can be done in groups. Find 2-3 friends/dogs or join our wait-list to get a group rate of $60/session.
“There is absolutely no one else I would trust with my dog!”